McNelly Manor was built in 1906 in Fairfield, Texas.  In 1997, it made a 125-mile journey to Burton, Texas with no roof!  It sat until 1998 when it's new owner, Johnna of Houston, decided for her 50th birthday present to herself, would buy the farmhouse. She was looking for a project and boy did she find one!  She began the restoration process that took nearly 20 years.  Johanna is an amazing lady who I marvel at what she was able to accomplish.  In later years, her trips from Houston to Burton became few and far between.  She felt it was time for the farmhouse to have a new owner.  In 2019, she sold the home to me.  I assured her the home would be in good hands.  I am forever grateful.  I have made some improvements with a new roof, a sunroom and a barn.  The barn siding is the original roofing metal from 1998.

In November of 2020, I decided to share this special home with others who have a love for old farmhouses.  The best way to do that is offer a vacation experience through Airbnb.   You can book your stay through Airbnb at    

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